The Next Level of Target Shooting

With ammunition prices through the roof and availability at historic lows, every round counts!  You need to know where each round goes.  The Target Tripod is a patent pending multiple target holding platform that allows for the presentation of numerous combinations of targets.  The patent pending design incorporates angular protection of all the connection points from the center hub to the various clamping heads.  This angular protection reduces or eliminates damage from errant rounds depending on caliber and exact location of impact.  The Tripods are designed for years if not decades of use, each individual tripod component can be replaced.  Up to five targets can be displayed for either sighting multiple firearms or for a competition among five individuals.  Large 24" x 36" targets can be displayed side by side for competitive self defense training.  Long range targets can be displayed 4'-7' above the ground for shots across uneven terrain.  All tripod models fit into their own carry/storage case for easy transport to and from the range.  When used in combination with  collapsible target backers everything going to the range (except firearms) fits into a 6" tube and a small duffle bag.   


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Pigeon Hangers are patent pending metal hangers for clay pigeons (shooting clays).  The Pigeon Hangers are designed to securely hold all brands of manufactured clays.  The tails of each hanger  can be bent as needed in order to hang clays on rope, pipe, branches, boxes, plywood, etc.  The tails can also be twisted in order to hang clays on nails in a board.  Hangers can be punched through boxes or target backers.  Each hanger can be re-straightened to be re-used another way.


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